Hospitality: an overview
So many varied environments and services combine to create a sense of hospitality! Whether it is a holiday resort, a luxury hotel or a historic establishment, before arriving at their rooms guests receive first impressions of the exterior and the reception area, the staff and the welcome they receive. Once checked in guests can enjoy all the amenities the place has to offer. All these are key parts of the hospitality experience and they must be represented in advertising photographs.

Anticipating the experience
The reasons for a hotel stay may be many and varied, and all possibilities must be anticipated when presenting the range of hospitality offerings available. Particular emphasis on the unique character or history of the hotel or resort can add much to its appeal. Again it is a matter of allowing guests to anticipate, through evocative photography, the experience that awaits them once they arrive.

The right atmosphere
Guests most often choose their accommodation based on the atmosphere it conveys, the ambience that it projects, and the feelings they expect to experience there. Hosts understand these factors and wish to highlight the distinctive qualities of their establishment to encourage such positive associations and anticipation. The photographer recognizes the desires of both parties and brings them together through his pictures. And so the atmosphere is recreated in the images and pleasant anticipation is aroused…

Photographing “the living expression of a place”*
Fiorenzo Calosso has been appointed official photographer for the international chain Relais & Châteaux, which includes hotels and restaurants situated in unique places. Relais & Châteaux are proud to say that they have elevated hospitality to the status of art. So far Calosso has photographed more than fifty properties in the Mediterranean area. *From Relais & Châteaux’s website