Reality becomes art
Can a camera capture the reality of a scene or an object? The answer is no, but it can interpret that reality through the photographer’s eyes, sensibilities and technical skills. It can tell a story beyond reality, and bring reality into the world of images.
In spite of digitalization, the process of making such images still preserves the almost alchemical mystery of the dark room.

That photographs are taken with a camera is an illusion… They are taken with the eyes, the heart, the head. (Henri Cartier Bresson, pioneer of photo-journalism)
When Fiorenzo Calosso carries out his professional assignments, he never forgets to allow himself a few personal shots, in which he can be completely himself. From time to time he wanders with one of his cameras
as his sole and trusty companion. From this solitude his more intimate shots and more personal details spring to life.

Two projects in black and white
“Gabbie e gabbiani” (Cages and Seagulls) is an elegant booklet containing ‘stories written on sand’, with texts by Filippo Nativo and a preface by Alberto Buscaglia. It was published in limited and numbered edition in 2010.
“I quattro elementi” (The Four Elements) is a series of four photographs comprising an exhibit displayed in Switzerland and Italy.