Beyond Photography
Commercial photography aims to emphasize the technical aspects of a firm, the details of production, the importance of labour and human resources, and much more. Also essential is that it represents the firm with consideration for its history and its mission, anticipating the clients’ wishes and providing an image that goes beyond mere photography.

Representing the complexity of economic realities
A modern firm is a multi-faceted system, increasingly more difficult to explain or describe. The challenge for commercial photography is to convey what would be too difficult and too long to express in words, to communicate with one picture countless details, distinctive traits, narratives and objectives.

“Finding beauty where there is none”*
Certain subjects may not always lend themselves to an approach that seeks to depict a pleasing, or even an artistic, aspect.
Fiorenzo Calosso says he is devoted to beauty in any situation, and he tries to instill a sense of beauty in every image, even those that may be considered mere technical representations.
*Statement by Fiorenzo Calosso