Fiorenzo Calosso

Born in Alba (Cuneo – Piedmont) northern Italy in 1952, it grows in his soul the passion for photography since his addescence and,when he was 25 Y.old, the passion shifts into profession.
Even now after thirtyfive years of professional activity anyone who knows Fiorenzo, still perceives the emotional thrust in that child that was touching his own first little camera.
The search to understand and guide the use of light to enrich his works with proper style, initially it takes him close to the great professionals from Milan, then to follow specific courses of photography and cinematography shooting technique.
Now, after his performances mostly in Europe and Asia with renowned clients and international companies, great acknowledgments and satisfactions return to him.
Technique, experience and a multiple talent, create a high level portfolio in the manufacturing, technological, food and hospitality. The great passion for the picture and the continous search for style, engage him in updating studies in USA with worldwide famous and Oscar prize awarded teachers.